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Southern History

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Confederate Industry

By Harold S. Wilson
Categories: History

By 1860 the South ranked high among the developed countries of the world in per capita income and life expectancy and in the number of railroad miles, telegraph lines, and institutions of higher learning. ...

Choctaw Tales

Edited by Tom Mould
Foreword by Chief Phillip Martin
Categories: Race And Ethnicity

Including stories from the 1700s to today, Choctaw Tales showcases the mythic, the legendary and supernatural, the prophecies and histories, the animal fables and jokes that make up the rich and lively ...

Stories from the Haunted South

By Alan Brown
Categories: Folklore

When Alan Brown published his well-received Haunted Places in the American South, a kind of seance swirled around him. Locals who knew ghost stories began haunting him with ghoulish reports from houses, ...

Hurricane Camille

Nominated Best Nonfiction Book for 2004
—Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters

On August 17, 1969, Hurricane Camille roared out of the Gulf of Mexico and smashed into Mississippi's twenty-six miles ...

The Sinking of the USS Cairo

By John C. Wideman
Categories: History

In 1862, in one of the South's most amazing secret operations, a Confederate team, using newly invented explosive mines, blew up the USS Cairo, one of the Union's most feared ironclad gunboats. It sank ...

Voodoo Queen

By Martha Ward
Categories: History

Each year, thousands of pilgrims visit the celebrated New Orleans tomb where Marie Laveau is said to lie. They seek her favors or fear her lingering influence. Voodoo Queen: The Spirited Lives of Marie ...

Trumpet Records

Elmore James, Sonny Boy Williamson, Little Milton, and James Waller-all of these musical powerhouses furthered their recording careers at a little label on once-thriving Farish Street, the historic black ...

The Choctaw before Removal

With essays by William Brescia Jr., Robert B. Ferguson, Patricia K. Galloway, John D. W. Guice, Grayson Noley, Carolyn Keller Reeves, Margaret Zehmer Searcy, and Samuel J. Wells

This book focuses upon ...

After Removal

This informative study helps to complete the saga of the Choctaw by documenting the life and culture of those who escaped removal. It is an account that until now has been left largely untold.

The Choctaw ...

The French Quarter of New Orleans

By Jim Fraiser
Photographs by West Freeman
Categories: Louisiana

There is no place in America like New Orleans's famed French Quarter.

With photographs and history, The French Quarter of New Orleans explores the unique evolution of this district. The author and photographer ...