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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: How can I contact an author?
A: UPM does not give out author home addresses or phone numbers. You can send an e-mail to, and we will forward your request to the author. Many authors have a university affiliation or link to a personal website on their book page.

Q: I’ve changed my address. Who do I contact?
A: Contact our business department to update your contact information.

Q: Where can I get permissions or rights information for UPM titles?
A: Visit our Rights and Permissions Guidelines to learn more about requesting use of UPM material.

Q: Are there any job openings at UPM?
A: Please check our careers page to learn about job availabilities and internships.

For Authors


Q: How do I submit a manuscript for consideration?
A: UPM accepts submissions via email or regular mail. Visit our submission guidelines page for specific details.

Q: Does UPM accept fiction and poetry?
A: UPM does not accept fiction or poetry submissions. We do occasionally reprint classic books in our Banner Books series.

Q: What subjects does UPM publish in?
A: UPM publishes in a wide array of subjects

Editorial and Production

Q: Where can I find UPM author or editor guidelines?
A: You can find all of UPM’s manuscript guidelines here.

Q: Who is responsible for obtaining the copyright permissions necessary for my book?
A: It is the author’s responsibility to secure permission to use any approved illustrative materials or text that is not their own. Please see our manuscript guidelines for details.


Q: When will my book be available? When will I receive my complimentary copies?
A: Contact the editorial assistant working on your project for specific details about the status of your book or complimentary copies.


Q: How is my book marketed?
A: Our marketing team works closely with authors on promotional plans, events, advertising, and exhibits. Learn more about marketing your book here.

Q: What conferences does UPM attend?
A: We regularly attend and display books at conferences of the African American Intellectual History Society, American Folklore Society, American Literature Association, American Studies Association, Association for the Study of African American Life and History, Caribbean Studies Association, Children’s Literature Association, Popular Culture/American Culture Association, Society for American Music, Society for Cinema and Media Studies, Society for Ethnomusicology, Society for the Study of Southern Literature, South Atlantic Modern Language Association, and Southern Historical Association, among others. For exhibits we do not personally attend, we regularly send titles for display with Scholar’s Choice.

Q: Does UPM publish ebooks?
A: Yes, all new books are published as ebooks. However, we do not distribute ebooks directly. We license digital rights through our partners. For individual ebooks, our partners are organizations like Amazon and Barnes and Noble, and for institutional ebooks, our partners are organizations like JSTOR. Those companies, in turn, manage the digital rights as part of our agreement with them. Again, the books must be purchased through our vendors in order for a user to have access. Please visit this page for a complete list of our ebook partners.

Q: My book just released from the Press so when will it be available electronically?
A: This conversion process takes a little time, but your book should be available electronically within approximately 30 days after the print book is released.

For Media

Q: How do I request a review copy of a book?
A: Review copies are available to members of the media for the purpose of reviewing books in a print, radio, audio, or online format. Please submit a request online here or e-mail

Q: I’d like to interview one of your authors. How can I contact them?
A: To be in touch with one of our authors for publicity purposes, please e-mail

Q: I would like to request a cover image, author photo, new release, or other materials for publicity.
A: Contact Courtney McCreary at for specific questions.

For Instructors

Q: How can I request UPM material for use in my classroom?
A: Visit our Rights and Permissions Guidelines to learn more about using UPM material in your classroom.

Q: How can I order an exam or desk copy for my classroom?
A: Go here to request an exam or desk copy of a UPM book.

For Customers

Q: How can I get a catalog?
A: Download our recent catalogs (or request a print copy of our latest) here.

Q: How can I purchase a UPM book?
A: Go here for ordering details. Or order directly from individual book listing pages throughout this website.