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Preparing Your Manuscript

Preparing Your Manuscript

As you work to prepare your final manuscript, please follow the guidelines. If the manuscript is not prepared as requested, it will be returned to you for the necessary work to be done. This could affect the publication schedule for your project.

Review the Guidelines for Manuscript Preparation while working on the text itself. 

If you are working on a volume in one of our conversations series—Literary Conversations, Conversations with Filmmakers, or Conversations with Comic Artists—please note there are special procedures to follow. Please refer to this page for more details.

Along with the manuscript, you will need to submit an Editorial Questionnaire and the checklist suitable to your project:

Please review the information below if your manuscript includes images or other copyrighted material.

Does your manuscript include visual elements like photos, musical examples, illustrations, or tables?

Review the Illustration Guidelines to ensure the visuals are acceptable. The guidelines provide instruction on image placement, technical specifications, and formatting.

Each illustration should be included on a consolidated Design List.

Before finalizing permissions, carefully review the permissions section of the Illustration Guidelines. You are welcome to use this sample request letter when seeking permission to use material.

Check with your editor or editorial assistant before finalizing any permissions that incur a fee.

Does your manuscript make use of song lyrics, poetry, or other copyrighted material?

Any quoted song lyric or poem must be analyzed in the text. You will need to supply a Permissions Grid that accounts for each copyrighted item. Please check with your editor or editorial assistant before pursuing permissions.

Does your manuscript contain chapters that were previously published?

Essays which have appeared in previous publications require reprint permissions unless the essays have been substantially revised from the original version.

We will need a copy of the permissions agreements, as well as a single file containing all reprint credit lines as required by the copyright holder.

If the text has been substantially revised, we will need a single file indicating where previous versions of the essay have appeared.