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Southern History

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La Salle and His Legacy

Edited by Patricia K. Galloway
Categories: History

To most people it probably seems that La Salle and his men, permanently fixed in the pantheon of explorers of the North American continent, need little further introduction. The fact is that this whole ...


By Timothy T. Isbell
Categories: History

To the leaders of the North and South, Vicksburg, Mississippi, was the “key” to the Civil War. For the Union, control of the vital Mississippi River would never be regained unless Vicksburg was subdued. ...

Lost Plantation

Along the fertile banks of the Mississippi River across from New Orleans, planter Camille Zeringue transformed a mediocre colonial plantation into a thriving gem of antebellum sugar production, complete ...

Resorting to Casinos

Edited by Denise K. von Herrmann
Categories: Mississippi

Contributions from Sharon Wright Austin, Edward J. Clynch, Richards Davis, Douglas G. Feig, P. Edward French, James B. Kaatz, John Lyman Mason, Richard T. Middleton IV, Michael Nelson, Deanne Stephens ...

Piney Woods School

This is the story of an extraordinary school in the piney woods of Mississippi and of the enduring people of Piney Woods Community who forged on against incredible odds to make a better world for themselves ...

Civil Rights Childhood

Two voices blend in this poignant memoir from the Civil Rights era in Mississippi—a father's and a daughter's. He was Andrew L. Jordan, a son in a dirt-poor family of sharecroppers near Greenwood. Jordana ...

Drilling Ahead

The discovery of oil in Tinsley, Mississippi, in 1939 captivated the South and has deeply affected the region ever since. At the end of 1940, over 133 wells were flowing, and speculators were drilling ...

Promises Kept

By Janis Quinn
Categories: Health

With very little money but with a groundswell of support from all sectors of the state, the two-year medical school at the University of Mississippi in Oxford became the University of Mississippi Medical ...


Edited by Bradley G. Bond
Categories: Mississippi

In America's collective imagination, Mississippi, a state that aptly may be described as the most southern place in America, is often deemed a sinister, forbidding landscape. While popular conceptions ...

Mississippi Archaeology Q & A

By Evan Peacock
Categories: Mississippi

How old is this arrowhead? Is there really gold in that Indian mound? What tribe left all these artifacts behind? Can the government take my artifact collection away?

For more than twenty years, Evan Peacock, ...