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Sickly Vapors

By Thomas Helling
Categories: History

The southern climate, with its heat, oppressive humidity, and stagnant marshland, accentuated disease and suffering for inhabitants of the Old South, from its early settling through the Civil War and ...

The Preventorium

Named the 2023 Best Memoir on Health/Adverse Childhood Experiences by Memoir Magazine

Opened on February 17, 1929, the Mississippi State Preventorium operated continuously until 1976. The Mississippi Preventorium, ...

Sexy Like Us

By Teresa Milbrodt
Categories: Folklore

Sexy Like Us: Disability, Humor, and Sexuality takes a humorous, intimate approach to disability through the stories, jokes, performances, and other creative expressions of people with disabilities. Author ...

The Racial Divide in American Medicine

Edited by Richard D. deShazo
Categories: History

Contributions by Richard D. deShazo, John Dittmer, Keydron K. Guinn, Lucius M. Lampton, Wilson F. Minor, Rosemary Moak, Sara B. Parker, Wayne J. Riley, Leigh Baldwin Skipworth, Robert Smith, and William ...

The Power of One

For thirty-four years Sister Anne Brooks, a Catholic nun and doctor of osteopathy, served one of the nation’s most impoverished towns and regions, Tutwiler, in Tallahatchie County in the Mississippi ...

Delivered by Midwives

Winner of the 2019 American Association for the History of Nursing Lavinia L. Dock Award for Exemplary Historical Research and Writing in a Book

“Catchin’ babies” was merely one aspect of the broad ...

Diagnosing Folklore

Edited by Trevor J. Blank & Andrea Kitta
Categories: Folklore

Diagnosing Folklore provides an inclusive forum for an expansive conversation on the sensitive, raw, and powerful processes that shape and imbue meaning in the lives of individuals and communities beleaguered ...

The Good Doctors

By John Dittmer
Categories: History

In the summer of 1964 medical professionals, mostly white and northern, organized the Medical Committee for Human Rights (MCHR) to provide care and support for civil rights activists organizing black ...

The State of Health and Health Care in Mississippi

Edited by Mario J. Azevedo
Categories: Health

In this multidisciplinary book, the editor and contributors provide the most accurate and most recent information on health and health care in the State of Mississippi. They explain why the state finds ...

Out of the Shadow of Leprosy

By Claire Manes
Foreword by Marcia Gaudet
Categories: Louisiana

In 1924 when thirty-two-year-old Edmond Landry kissed his family goodbye and left for the leprosarium in Carville, Louisiana, leprosy, now referred to as Hansen's disease, stigmatized and disfigured but ...