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Peep Light

Most people only consider the Mississippi River when they cross it or when it inconveniently abandons its banks. But every year, millions of tons of cargo are transported by towboats on the river. In ...

Monsters and Saints

Contributions by Kathleen Alcalá, Sarah Amira de la Garza, Sarah De Los Santos Upton, Moises Gonzales, Luisa Fernanda Grijalva-Maza, Leandra H. Hernández, Spencer R. Herrera, Brenda Selena Lara, Susana ...

Bayou Harvest

To inhabitants of the Gulf Coast region of Louisiana, food is much more than nourishment. The acts of gathering, preparing, and sharing food are ways to raise children, bond with friends, and build community. ...

Poor Gal

Poor Gal: The Cultural History of Little Liza Jane chronicles the origins and evolution of a folk tune beloved by millions worldwide. Dan Gutstein delves into the trajectory of the “Liza Jane” family ...

Finding Myself Lost in Louisiana

By Keagan LeJeune
Categories: Louisiana

In Finding Myself Lost in Louisiana, author Keagan LeJeune brilliantly weaves the unusual folklore, landscape, and history of Louisiana along with his own family lineage that begins in 1760 to trace the ...

Djeha, the North African Trickster

Edited by Christa C. Jones
Categories: Folklore

Djeha—also known as Juha, Jeh’a, and Ch’ha, among many variations—is an iconic figure, the trickster hero of an oral folktale tradition that has existed for centuries. The famous Maghrebian prankster ...

Pieces of Freedom

The history of racism in America is also the history of ordinary Black Americans who accomplished extraordinary things in their pursuit of freedom. Faced with oppression throughout their journey, they ...

Wait Five Minutes

Edited by Shelley Ingram & Willow G. Mullins
Categories: Folklore

Contributions by Emma Frances Bloomfield, Sheila Bock, Kristen Bradley, Hannah Chapple, James Deutsch, Máirt Hanley, Christine Hoffmann, Kate Parker Horigan, Shelley Ingram, John Laudun, Jordan Lovejoy, ...

If You Should Go at Midnight

Tonight, across America, countless people will embark on an adventure. They will prowl among overgrown headstones in forgotten graveyards, stalk through darkened woods and wildlands, and creep down the ...

Boy and Girl Tramps of America

By Thomas Minehan
Introduction by Susan Honeyman
Categories: History
Series: Cultures of Childhood

In 1933 and 1934, Thomas Minehan, a young sociologist at the University of Minnesota, joined the ranks of a roving army of 250,000 boys and girls torn from their homes during the Great Depression. Disguised ...