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Horror and Monstrosity Studies Series

Recent years have seen the steady growth of scholarship in the emerging subfield of horror studies. While scholars have maintained strong interest in horror, whether in literature, media, or folktales, there is a growing move to connect these disparate fields around the central idea of horror studies. The Horror and Monstrosity Studies Series will include original, innovative monographs that explore horror and monstrosity at the intersections of identities, methodologies, theories, and disciplines. The series aims to promote intersectional and interdisciplinary scholarship addressing horror and monstrosity both within and outside mediated texts.

Books in the series will center horror and monstrosity as a primary category of analysis and will derive their methodologies from critical cultural studies, performance studies, media studies, and critical rhetoric. Possible themes, concerns, or issues include, but are not limited to, critical media analysis; autoethnographic work; performance studies; critical rhetorical analysis; queer and transgender studies; disability studies; critical race studies; science, technology, and medicine studies; affect and new materiality; and film studies. Books in the series will frame horror and monstrosity as an essential theoretical and/or methodological lens that elucidates how bodies and identities are assigned meaning in society.

The series welcomes proposals for monographs or edited volumes. The editors welcome submissions or inquiries from emerging and established scholars and are open to discussing projects at various stages of development. All submissions should clearly articulate how the project fits within the aims of the series.

Series Editors: Bernadette Marie Calafell, Gonzaga University; Marina Levina, University of Memphis; Kendall R. Phillips, Syracuse University

For more information or to submit a proposal, contact acquisitions editor Emily Snyder Bandy.

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The Sinful Maternal

Pregnancy, birth, and postpartum recovery are challenging experiences that impact women’s physical, mental, and emotional health in ways that have been historically minimalized, dismissed, or neglected. ...

Monsters and Saints

Contributions by Kathleen Alcalá, Sarah Amira de la Garza, Sarah De Los Santos Upton, Moises Gonzales, Luisa Fernanda Grijalva-Maza, Leandra Hinojosa Hernández, Spencer R. Herrera, Brenda Selena Lara, ...

Body Genre

In this groundbreaking work, author David Scott Diffrient explores largely understudied facets of cinematic horror, from the various odors permeating classic and contemporary films to the wetness, sliminess, ...

Bloodstained Narratives

Contributions by Donald L. Anderson, Brian Brems, Eric Brinkman, Matthew Edwards, Brenda S. Gardenour Walter, Andrew Grossman, Lisa Haegele, Gavin F. Hurley, Mikel J. Koven, Sharon Jane Mee, Fernando ...

Encountering Pennywise

Contributions by Amylou Ahava, Jeff Ambrose, Daniel P. Compora, Penny Crofts, Keith Currie, Erin Giannini, Whitney S. May, Fernando Gabriel Pagnoni Berns, Diganta Roy, Hannah Lina Schneeberger, Shannon ...

Ghost Channels

Through American history, often in times of crisis, there have been periodic outbreaks of obsession with the paranormal. Between 2004 and 2019, over six dozen documentary-style series dealing with paranormal ...

Monstrous Women in Comics

Contributions by Novia Shih-Shan Chen, Elizabeth Rae Coody, Keri Crist-Wagner, Sara Durazo-DeMoss, Charlotte Johanne Fabricius, Ayanni C. Hanna, Christina M. Knopf, Tomoko Kuribayashi, Samantha Langsdale, ...