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Sax Expat

Don Byas (1913–1972) may be lesser known than the counterparts he played with—Count Basie, Duke Ellington, and Dizzy Gillespie, among others—but he was an enigma. He never stayed with a band for ...

The Musicals of Cole Porter

Cole Porter (1891–1964) remains one of America’s most popular composer-songwriters, known for the many urbane, witty, romantic songs he wrote for stage musicals and Hollywood films. Porter was unique ...

Faulkner On and Off the Page

By Carl Rollyson
Categories: Literature

Though numerous biographies have been published on William Faulkner, readers are often presented conflicting interpretations of his life and work. Faulkner’s view of himself and his own family was mercurial, ...

The P-38 Lightning and the Men Who Flew It

By Wolfgang W. E. Samuel
Foreword by Alfred Stettner
Categories: History

The P-38 Lightning was one of the fastest operational fighters of World War II, famous for its successes in North Africa and the Pacific. In The P-38 Lightning and the Men Who Flew It, Wolfgang W. E. ...

Evanira Mendes

This compilation of Evanira Mendes’s biography and translated publications offers for the first time in English an opportunity to revisit the music and culture of 1950s Brazil. Examining the trajectory ...

A Tone Parallel to Duke Ellington

In this insightful new volume, Jack Chambers explores Edward Kennedy “Duke” Ellington’s music thematically, collating motifs, memes, and predilections that caught Ellington's attention and inspired ...

Crossing the Pass of Clouds

By Lon Holmberg
Categories: Photography

Crossing the Pass of Clouds: An Army Photographer’s Vietnam Journal is an intimate portrait of the last years of the Vietnam War in 147 black-and-white pictures and a series of vignettes written by ...

Deep Roots, Broken Branches

Best known for her award-winning book The Free State of Jones: Mississippi’s Longest Civil War, historian Victoria Bynum turns now to her own history in this multigenerational American saga spanning ...

George Valentine Dureau

By Howard Philips Smith
Foreword by Daniel Hammer
Categories: Photography

New Orleans artist George Valentine Dureau (1930–2014) has always been an enigma. His status as an important artist gained momentum beginning with his first exhibition at the New Orleans Museum of Art, ...


By Nicolas Labarre
Categories: Comics Studies
Series: Biographix

Jean Giraud (1938–2012) started drawing comics in the late 1950s for a variety of French comics magazines. Under his real name, he found success in 1963 with the western series Blueberry, written by ...