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Deadhouse: Life in a Coroner's Office chronicles the exploits of a diverse team of investigators at a coroner's office in Pittsburgh. Ed Strimlan is a doctor who never got to practice medicine. Instead ...

Understanding Herpes

Herpes simplex viruses are capable of causing a wide variety of infections, including genital herpes, which is so common a sexually transmitted disease that it affects one in five people in the United ...

Understanding Child Sexual Abuse

The number of confirmed cases of child sexual abuse in the United States rose from 6,000 in 1976 to 113,000 in 1985 and rose again to 300,000 in 2000. Understanding Child Sexual Abuse explores the dynamics, ...

Promises Kept

By Janis Quinn
Categories: Health

With very little money but with a groundswell of support from all sectors of the state, the two-year medical school at the University of Mississippi in Oxford became the University of Mississippi Medical ...


By Marcia Gaudet
Foreword by James Carville
Categories: Louisiana

Mysterious and misunderstood, distorted by Biblical imagery of disfigurement and uncleanness, Hansen's disease or leprosy has all but disappeared from America's consciousness. In Carville, Louisiana, ...

Understanding Mental Retardation

What measures can parents and advocates take to insure that people who have mental retardation live full, rewarding lives from infancy to old age?

Understanding Mental Retardation explores a diverse group ...

Understanding Migraine and Other Headaches

By Stewart J. Tepper
Categories: Health

In the United States, eighteen percent of women, six percent of men, and four percent of children suffer from migraine headaches. All races are affected, although, for reasons which are unknown, whites ...

Understanding Colon Cancer

By A. Richard Adrouny
Categories: Health

For decades, while other cancers grabbed the headlines, colorectal cancer was quietly ignored. The lifetime risk of colorectal cancer in the general population is 2. 5 to 5 percent. This means that twenty-five ...

Understanding Addiction

At least one of every four people in America has had some experience with addiction--either personally or through a family member. Addiction and its consequences cost billions of dollars each year in ...

Understanding Panic and Other Anxiety Disorders

By M.D., Benjamin Root
Categories: Health

A patient's guide to panic disorder, panic attacks, and other stress-related maladies

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Twenty years ago panic disorder was often misunderstood and misdiagnosed. Its symptoms ...