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Understanding Mental Retardation

Understanding Mental Retardation

By Patricia Ainsworth & Pamela C. Baker
Series: Understanding Health and Sickness Series

Paperback : 9781578066476, 216 pages, June 2004

A resource for parents, caregivers, and counselors


What measures can parents and advocates take to ensure that people who have mental retardation live full, rewarding lives from infancy to old age?

Understanding Mental Retardation explores a diverse group of disorders from their biological roots to the everyday challenges faced by this special population and their families. With parents and those who care for people who have mental retardation in mind, Patricia Ainsworth M.D. and Pamela C. Baker Ph.D. write in a style that is at once accessible, informative, and sympathetic to the concerns of those affected.

The authors provide practical information that will assist families and other advocates in obtaining needed services. They discuss assessment and treatment, education and employment, social and sexual adjustment, as well as regulatory and legal issues.

This book covers the causes of mental retardation, the signs and symptoms of the most common forms of these disorders, and issues of prevention. For the sake of comparison, the book describes basic concepts of normal human development and references the history of Western civilization's responses to those with mental retardation.

Understanding Mental Retardation sheds new light on mental illnesses that can complicate the lives of those with mental retardation, and the way symptoms of mental illness may appear confused or masked in a patient with mental retardation. Along with information on treatments and diagnoses, the book offers contact information for governmental resources, as well as a brief summary of the legal issues pertaining to mental retardation in America.