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Southern History

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Black Exodus

Edited by Alferdteen Harrison
Categories: History

With essays by Blyden Jackson, Dernoral Davis, Stewart E. Tolnay and E. M. Beck, Carole Marks, James R. Grossman, and William Cohen and Neil R. McMillen

What were the causes that motivated legions of black ...

The Soul of Southern Cooking

Here is a collection of representative authentic soul food dishes for those who want the real thing. Most of the recipes were learned by the author from her grandmother, Frances Fleming Hunter, a cook ...

The Civil Rights Movement in America

With essays and commentaries by David Levering Lewis, Clayborne Carson, Steven F. Lawson, Nancy J. Weiss, David J. Garrow, John Dittmer, Neil R. McMillen, Charles V. Hamilton, Mark V. Tushnet, William ...

A Black Physician's Story

This book chronicles the successful struggle of Douglas Conner to escape poverty and to provide advancement not only for himself but also for impoverished and oppressed blacks in his home state of Mississippi. ...

Sullivan's Hollow

Written by a descendant of the Hollow, this book recounts graphic episodes of the feuds and fights that made this region in south Mississippi famous.