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Black Exodus - The Great Migration from the American South

Black Exodus

The Great Migration from the American South

Edited by Alferdteen Harrison
Paperback : 9780878056095, 128 pages, July 1992

An exploration of the impact of the massive migration of southern blacks to the North


With essays by Blyden Jackson, Dernoral Davis, Stewart E. Tolnay and E. M. Beck, Carole Marks, James R. Grossman, and William Cohen and Neil R. McMillen

What were the causes that motivated legions of black southerners to immigrate to the North? What was the impact upon the land they left and upon the communities they chose for their new homes? Perhaps no pattern of migration has changed America's socioeconomic structure more than this mass exodus of African Americans in the first half of the twentieth century.

Because of this exodus, the South lost not only a huge percentage of its inhabitants to northern cities like Chicago, New York, Detroit, and Philadelphia but also its supply of cheap labor. Fleeing from racial injustice and poverty, southern blacks took their culture north with them and transformed northern urban centers with their churches, social institutions, and ways of life.

In Black Exodus eight noted scholars consider the causes that stimulated the migration and examine the far-reaching results.