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Southern History

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Joseph E. Davis

By Janet Sharp Hermann
Categories: History

In this biography of Joseph E. Davis, elder brother of and adviser to Jefferson Davis, award-winning author Janet Sharp Hermann provides a fascinating instrument through which to observe nearly a century ...

The South and the Caribbean

With essays and commentaries by Roger D. Abrahams, Kenneth Bilby, David Eltis, Stanley L. Engerman, Aline Helg, Milton Jamail, Charles Joyner, Daniel C. Littlefield, Bonham C. Richardson, and Ralph Lee ...

The Press and Race

Edited by David R. Davies
Categories: History

For southern newspapers and southern readers, the social upheaval in the years following Brown v. Board of Education (1954) was, as Time put it in 1956, “the region's biggest running story since slavery.” ...

Gender and the Southern Body Politic

Edited by Nancy Bercaw
Categories: History

In recent years an exciting new branch of scholarship has contributed to revising our understanding of politics and history. Expanding our definition of southern politics, a new generation of historians ...

Native American Place Names in Mississippi

By Keith A. Baca
Categories: Mississippi

Biloxi. Tunica. Pascagoula. Yazoo. Tishomingo. Yalobusha. Tallahatchie. Itta Bena. Yockanookany. Bogue Chitto. These and hundreds of other place names of Native American origin are scattered across the ...


By James T. Currie
Categories: History

James T. Currie relates in this thought-provoking work that between July 4, 1863, and the end of the Civil War in May 1865, Vicksburg and the plantations around it were an enclave of Union territory in ...

Lotus Among the Magnolias

Unlike most Chinese-American studies which focus on large urban concentrations sustained by continuous immigration, this study centers on a small Chinese enclave located in a rural southern biracial society. ...

The University of Mississippi School of Law

Since its founding in 1854, the University of Mississippi School of Law has been an institutional bulwark of the state. Generations of Mississippi's prominent lawyers and politicians were graduates of ...