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Emma's Postcard Album

The turn of the twentieth century was an extraordinarily difficult period for African Americans, a time of unchecked lynchings, mob attacks, and rampant Jim Crow segregation. During these bleak years, ...

New Orleans in Golden Age Postcards

By Matthew Griffis
Categories: Photography

New Orleans in Golden Age Postcards showcases over three hundred vintage postcard images of the city, printed in glorious color. From popular tourist attractions, restaurants, and grand hotels to local ...

Cuba hasta siempre

By Magdalena Solé
Foreword by Pico Iyer
Categories: Photography

Magdalena Solé first visited Cuba in 2011 and has returned every year since, enchanted by the place and the people who live in this slender stretch of land. Her photographs reveal the stirrings of transformation, ...

Po' Monkey's

Outside of Merigold, Mississippi, off an unmarked dirt road, stands Po’ Monkey’s, perhaps the most famous house in Mississippi and the last rural juke joint in the state, now closed to the public. ...

Remembering Dixie

Nearly seventy years after the Civil War, Natchez, Mississippi, sold itself to Depression-era tourists as a place “Where the Old South Still Lives. ” Tourists flocked to view the town’s decaying ...

Blues Traveling

This acclaimed travel guide, hailed as the bible of blues travelers throughout the world, will shepherd the faithful to such shrines as the intersection where Robert Johnson might have made his deal with ...

Sombreros and Motorcycles in a Newer South

In 1949, Alan Schafer opened South of the Border, a beer stand located on bucolic farmland in Dillon County, South Carolina, near the border separating North and South Carolina. Even at its beginning, ...

George Ohr

The late nineteenth-century Biloxi potter, George Ohr, was considered an eccentric in his time but has emerged as a major figure in American art since the discovery of thousands of examples of his work ...

New Orleans Memories

By Carolyn Kolb
Categories: Louisiana

Carolyn Kolb provides a delightful and detailed look into the heart of her city, New Orleans. She is a former Times-Picayune reporter and current columnist for New Orleans Magazine, where versions of ...

New Delta Rising

By Magdalena Solé
Introduction by Rick Bragg
Text by Barry H. Smith & Tom Lassiter
Categories: Mississippi

The Mississippi Delta has been called “the most southern place on earth. ” This fertile expanse of flat land sprawls along the Mississippi River from Memphis, Tennessee, southward to Vicksburg, Mississippi. ...