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Atlantic Migrations and the African Diaspora

This series documents the tangible and intangible heritage of African Americans in the hemisphere in both traditional and nascent fields of study.

Series editor: Jessica Harris, Queens College, CUNY

For more information or to submit a proposal, contact associate editor Lisa McMurtray.

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Emma's Postcard Album

The turn of the twentieth century was an extraordinarily difficult period for African Americans, a time of unchecked lynchings, mob attacks, and rampant Jim Crow segregation. During these bleak years, ...

Vintage Postcards from the African World

For over forty years, professor and culinary historian Jessica B. Harris has collected postcards depicting Africans and their descendants in the American diaspora. They are presented for the first time ...

Slave Sites on Display

At Senegal’s House of Slaves, Barack Obama’s presidential visit renewed debate about authenticity, belonging, and the myth of return—not only for the president, but also for the slave fort itself. ...