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Haunted Places in the American South

By Alan Brown
Categories: Southern Studies

Before Alan Brown wrote Haunted Places in the American South, only the locals knew what was lurking in these locations. Slamming doors, eerie lights, and Confederate soldiers' ghosts kept some folks too ...

Touring Literary Mississippi

By taking the literary traveler on seven preplanned tours—through the Delta, along Highway 61, to the heart of Faulkner’s Yoknapatawpha country, to sites near Interstate 55 and the Natchez Trace, ...

Wildflowers of the Natchez Trace

In spring, summer, and fall the Natchez Trace teems with colorful wildflowers. This handbook for travelers and for nature lovers selects and describes one hundred of the most common that flourish along ...

Ghost Dancing on the Cracker Circuit

Everybody knows about community festivals that celebrate the good ol' days--events like Rattlesnake Roundup, Peanut Days, and Mule Day. Countless towns around the South stage them. They set aside one ...