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The Bad Sixties

Winner of the 2018 Book Award from the American Studies Division of the National Communication Association

Ongoing interest in the turmoil of the 1960s clearly demonstrates how these social conflicts continue ...

Peculiar Rhetoric

Winner of the 2020 Marie Hochmuth Nichols Award from the Public Address Division of the National Communication Association

The African colonization movement occupies a troubling rhetorical territory in ...


Winner of the 2020 Rhetoric Society of America Book Award

While victims of antebellum lynchings were typically white men, postbellum lynchings became more frequent and more intense, with the victims more ...

Consuming Identity

Southerners love to talk food, quickly revealing likes and dislikes, regional preferences, and their own delicious stories. Because the topic often crosses lines of race, class, gender, and region, food ...

Diagnosing Folklore

Edited by Trevor J. Blank & Andrea Kitta
Categories: Folklore

Diagnosing Folklore provides an inclusive forum for an expansive conversation on the sensitive, raw, and powerful processes that shape and imbue meaning in the lives of individuals and communities beleaguered ...

Behold the Proverbs of a People

By Wolfgang Mieder
Categories: Folklore

The thirteen chapters of this book comprise an intriguing and informative entry into the world of proverb scholarship, illustrating that proverbs have always been and continue to be wisdom's international ...

The Measure of Our Days

Edited by Andrew P. Mullins, Jr.
Categories: History

Governor William F. Winter has enriched the political and cultural life of Mississippi and the United States for six decades—as an infantryman in World War II, as a Mississippi House representative ...

Red Scare Racism and Cold War Black Radicalism

During the early years of the Cold War, racial segregation in the American South became an embarrassing liability to the international reputation of the United States. For America to present itself as ...

American Indians and the Rhetoric of Removal and Allotment

Jason Edward Black examines the ways the US government’s rhetoric and American Indian responses contributed to the policies of Native–US relations throughout the nineteenth century’s removal and ...

Clockwork Rhetoric

Edited by Barry Brummett
Categories: Popular Culture

This unique book explores how the aesthetic and cultural movement “Steampunk” persuades audiences and wins new acolytes. Steampunk is an aesthetic style grounded in the Victorian era, in clothing ...