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Civil War

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Persistence through Peril

Edited by R. Eric Platt & Holly A. Foster
Categories: History

Contributions by Christian K. Anderson, Marcia Bennett, Lauren Yarnell Bradshaw, Holly A. Foster, Tiffany Greer, Don Holmes, Donavan L. Johnson, Lauren Lassabe, Sarah Mangrum, R. Eric Platt, Courtney ...

Your Heritage Will Still Remain

Your Heritage Will Still Remain details how Mississippians, black and white, constructed their social identity in the aftermath of the crises that transformed the state beginning with the sectional conflict ...

Breaking the Blockade

On April 16, 1861, President Abraham Lincoln issued a blockade of the Confederate coastline. The largely agrarian South did not have the industrial base to succeed in a protracted conflict. What it did ...

The Limits of Loyalty

By Jarret Ruminski
Categories: History

Jarret Ruminski examines ordinary lives in Confederate-controlled Mississippi to show how military occupation and the ravages of war tested the meaning of loyalty during America's greatest rift. The extent ...

Martin R. Delany's Civil War and Reconstruction

Edited by Tunde Adeleke
Categories: History

Militant? Uncompromising? Pragmatic? Utilitarian? Accommodating? Conservative? To engage Martin Robison Delany (1812–1885) is to wrestle with almost all the complexities and paradoxes of nineteenth-century ...


Winner of the 2020 Rhetoric Society of America Book Award

While victims of antebellum lynchings were typically white men, postbellum lynchings became more frequent and more intense, with the victims more ...

Hold On with a Bulldog Grip

In this new short biography of Ulysses S. Grant, leading scholars provide an accessible introduction to Grant and his legacy. Grant led Federal forces to victory in the Civil War, was the first modern ...

Behind the Rifle

By Shelby Harriel
Categories: History

During the Civil War, Mississippi’s strategic location bordering the Mississippi River and the state’s system of railroads drew the attention of opposing forces who clashed in major battles for control ...

Civil War Humor

By Cameron C. Nickels
Categories: History

In Civil War Humor, author Cameron C. Nickels examines the various forms of comedic popular artifacts produced in America from 1861 to 1865, and looks at how wartime humor was created, disseminated, and ...

The Port Royal Experiment

By Kevin Dougherty
Categories: History

The Port Royal Experiment builds on classic scholarship to present not a historical narrative but a study of what is now called development and nation building. The Port Royal Experiment was a joint governmental ...