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Forthcoming Titles: March–September 2024

UPM Sylvia Plath catalog cover Spring 2024

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Soul of the Court

Legal legend Judge Louis F. Oberdorfer once stated that there were “only two people in the world who really understood the Constitution” and its impact on American lives. One was Hugo Black, deceased ...

Through Jamaican Lenses

Born and raised on the island of Jamaica, Fern June Khan has valued and embraced Jamaica in each stage of her life. Despite the island’s economic and educational challenges during her youth, Khan’s ...

Alan J. Pakula

Renowned for his masterful storytelling, Alan J. Pakula (1928–1998) left an indelible mark on cinema history. Alan J. Pakula: Interviews offers a concise yet comprehensive overview of the director’s ...

One Tough Dame

By Herbie J Pilato
Foreword by Rupert Macnee
Introduction by Ray Austin
Categories: Biography And Memoir
Series: Hollywood Legends Series

One Tough Dame: The Life and Career of Diana Rigg offers a sweeping portrait of the revered performer’s life and career. Deemed a Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire in 1994, Diana Rigg ...

Film by Design

Edited by Gary D. Rhodes & Robert Singer
Categories: Film Studies

Contributions by Vlad Dima, Laura Hatry, Alicia Kozma, Lynette Kuliyeva, Madhuja Mukherjee, Frank Percaccio, Gary D. Rhodes, Courtney Ruffner Grieneisen, Marlisa Santos, Michael L. Shuman, and Robert ...

In Silence or Indifference

Librarians around the country are currently on a battleground, defending their right to purchase and circulate books dealing with issues of race and systemic racism. Despite this work, the library community ...

Cabin Boys, Milkmaids, and Rough Seas

By Jessica M. Floyd
Categories: Folklore

During his correspondence with erotic folklore collector Gershon Legman, famed chantey singer and collector Stan Hugill (1906–1992) shared unexpurgated versions of the songs in his repertoire. These ...

All the Things We Didn't Say

In this poignant and introspective dual memoir, Marion Garrard Barnwell embarks on a deeply personal journey. Inspired by the memoir of her maternal grandmother, Mary DuBose Trice Clark, affectionately ...

Larry Brown

Larry Brown (1951–2004) was unique among writers who started their careers in the late twentieth century. Unlike most of them—his friends Clyde Edgerton, Jill McCorkle, Rick Bass, and Kaye Gibbons, ...

Wichita Blues

In conversations on regional blues, the traditions of the Mississippi Delta, the Carolina Piedmont, Chicago, Houston, Memphis, New Orleans, and Los Angeles are frequently lauded. But until now, little ...