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Between Distant Modernities

For centuries, Spain and the South have stood out as the exceptional "other" within US and European nationalisms. During Franco's regime and the Jim Crow era both violently asserted a haunting brand of ...

Frank de Caro

Frank de Caro is professor emeritus at Louisiana State University. He is the award-winning author of numerous books on folklore, including Folklore Recycled: Old Traditions in New Contexts and coauthor ...

Race and Radio

In Race and Radio: Pioneering Black Broadcasters in New Orleans, Bala James Baptiste traces the history of the integration of radio broadcasting in New Orleans and tells the story of how African American ...

Hold On with a Bulldog Grip

In this new short biography of Ulysses S. Grant, leading scholars provide an accessible introduction to Grant and his legacy. Grant led Federal forces to victory in the Civil War, was the first modern ...

Frank Williams

Frank J. Williams is a retired chief justice of the Supreme Court of Rhode Island and president of the Ulysses S. Grant Association.

Mark E. Keenum

Mark E. Keenum is president of Mississippi State University.

Louie Gallo

Louie P. Gallo is assistant editor at the Ulysses S. Grant Presidential Library. He previously worked at the National McKinley Birthplace Museum and Memorial.

David Nolen

David S. Nolen is associate professor in the Mississippi State University Libraries. He served as the humanities reference librarian at MSU Libraries from 2008 to 2013 and began work as an editor with ...

Dining with Madmen

By Thomas Fahy
Categories: Film Studies

In Dining with Madmen: Fat, Food, and the Environment in 1980s Horror, author Thomas Fahy explores America’s preoccupation with body weight, processed foods, and pollution through the lens of horror. ...

Openness of Comics

By Maaheen Ahmed
Categories: Comics Studies

Never before have comics seemed so popular or diversified, proliferating across a broad spectrum of genres, experimenting with a variety of techniques, and gaining recognition as a legitimate, rich form ...