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Media Studies

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Jack Cristil

By Sid Salter
Foreword by John Grisham
Categories: Mississippi

Jack Cristil (1925-2014) was a Southeastern Conference icon and the Voice of Bulldog athletics for more than five decades. In this biography, Cristil's remarkable life and career is shared with all Bulldog ...

Oil and Water

Along the Gulf Coast, history is often referenced as pre-Katrina or post-Katrina. However, the natural disaster that appalled the world in 2005 has been joined by another catastrophe, this one man-made—the ...

Twain's Brand

By Judith Yaross Lee
Categories: Literature

Samuel L. Clemens lost the 1882 lawsuit declaring his exclusive right to use “Mark Twain” as a commercial trademark, but he succeeded in the marketplace, where synergy among his comic journalism, ...

Legend-Tripping Online

By Michael Kinsella
Categories: Folklore

On the Internet, seekers investigate anonymous manifestos that focus on the findings of brilliant scientists said to have discovered pathways into alternate realities. Gathering on web forums, researchers ...


By Russell Frank
Categories: Folklore

Newslore is folklore that comments on and hinges on knowledge of current events. These expressions come in many forms: jokes; urban legends; digitally altered photographs; mock news stories; press releases ...

Curt Flood in the Media

Curt Flood in the Media examines the public discourse surrounding Curt Flood (1938–1997), the star centerfielder for the St. Louis Cardinals throughout the sixties. In 1969, Flood was traded to the Philadelphia ...

Art for the Middle Classes

How did the average American learn about art in the mid-nineteenth century? With public art museums still in their infancy, and few cities and towns large enough to support art galleries or print shops, ...

Contemporary Southern Identity

By Rebecca Bridges Wats
Categories: History

In Contemporary Southern Identity, Rebecca Bridges Watts explores the implications of four public controversies about southern identity—debates about the Confederate flag in South Carolina, the gender ...

Life on the Press

George Benjamin Luks (1867-1933) is renowned for the oil paintings, watercolors, and pastel drawings he created as an acclaimed member of the artists' collective known as the Ashcan School. His professional ...

Looking Backward at Us

By William Raspberry
Categories: History

William Raspberry's syndicated columns give the voice of sanity to addressing some of the most controversial problems in America. Few Americans have tepid feelings about the multitude of subjects he assesses ...