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Eudora Welty

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Eudora Welty and Mystery

Contributions by Jacob Agner, Sarah Gilbreath Ford, Katie Berry Frye, Michael Kreyling, Andrew B. Leiter, Rebecca Mark, Suzanne Marrs, Tom Nolan, Michael Pickard, Harriet Pollack, and Victoria Richard ...

The Eye That Is Language

Danièle Pitavy-Souques (1937–2019) was a European powerhouse of Welty studies. In this collection of essays, Pitavy-Souques pours new light on Welty’s view of the world and her international literary ...

Exposing Mississippi


Internationally known as a writer, Eudora Welty has as well been spotlighted as a talented photographer. The prevalent idea remains that Welty simply took snapshots ...

New Essays on Eudora Welty, Class, and Race

Contributions by Jacob Agner, Susan V. Donaldson, Sarah Gilbreath Ford, Stephen M. Fuller, Jean C. Griffith, Ebony Lumumba, Rebecca Mark, Donnie McMahand, Kevin Murphy, Harriet Pollack, Christin Marie ...

A Tyrannous Eye

A Tyrannous Eye: Eudora Welty’s Nonfiction and Photographs is the first book-length study of Eudora Welty’s full range of achievements in nonfiction and photography. A preeminent Welty scholar, Pearl ...


By Eudora Welty
Edited by Pearl Amelia McHaney
Categories: Literature

Occasions is a celebration of the short works of one of America’s most beloved writers. To mark the centennial of Eudora Welty’s birth, Pearl Amelia McHaney collected more than sixty pieces by Welty ...

Teaching the Works of Eudora Welty

Contributions by Jacob Agner, Sharon Deykin Baris, Carolyn J. Brown, Lee Anne Bryan, Keith Cartwright, Stuart Christie, Mae Miller Claxton, Virginia Ottley Craighill, David A. Davis, Susan V. Donaldson, ...

Tell about Night Flowers

Edited by Julia Eichelberger
Categories: Literature

Tell about Night Flowers presents previously unpublished letters by Eudora Welty, selected and annotated by scholar Julia Eichelberger. Welty published many of her best-known works in the 1940s: A Curtain ...

Eudora Welty and Surrealism

By Stephen M. Fuller
Categories: Literature

Eudora Welty and Surrealism surveys Welty's fiction during the most productive period of her long writing life. The study shows how the 1930s witnessed surrealism's arrival in the United States largely ...

The Dragon's Blood

By Rebecca Mark
Categories: Literature

"This well could be the most important book yet published on Eudora Welty," says noted Welty scholar Noel Polk. "It offers a revolutionary and convincing reading of Welty's The Golden Apples (1949), but ...