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Critical Perspectives on Eudora Welty

Critical Perspectives on Eudora Welty is a new book series to be edited by Welty scholar Harriet Pollack. The series seeks to celebrate and preserve the legacy of Eudora Welty through scholarship and to explore new issues in Welty studies. These fresh approaches will reinforce the continued relevancy of Welty’s work to such contemporary topics as popular culture; social justice; and women’s, gender, and sexuality studies. The series, composed of both monographs and edited collections, will serve as a worthy commemoration to and celebration of one of the South’s greatest treasures.

The inaugural volume in the series, New Essays on Eudora Welty, Class, and Race, explores Welty’s artistic commentary on her time and place and the way it unfolded as the United States became more socially aware. Future volumes in the series will address Welty’s engagement with the mystery genre and Welty’s multimedia influences. As the leading publisher in Welty studies, University Press of Mississippi is pleased to enrich discussions of Welty’s oeuvre by providing framework and guidance for her readership in years to come.

For more information or to submit a proposal, contact editor-in-chief Katie E. Keene.

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Eudora Welty and Mystery

Contributions by Jacob Agner, Sarah Gilbreath Ford, Katie Berry Frye, Michael Kreyling, Andrew B. Leiter, Rebecca Mark, Suzanne Marrs, Tom Nolan, Michael Pickard, Harriet Pollack, and Victoria Richard ...

The Eye That Is Language

Danièle Pitavy-Souques (1937–2019) was a European powerhouse of Welty studies. In this collection of essays, Pitavy-Souques pours new light on Welty’s view of the world and her international literary ...

Exposing Mississippi


Internationally known as a writer, Eudora Welty has as well been spotlighted as a talented photographer. The prevalent idea remains that Welty simply took snapshots ...

New Essays on Eudora Welty, Class, and Race

Contributions by Jacob Agner, Susan V. Donaldson, Sarah Gilbreath Ford, Stephen M. Fuller, Jean C. Griffith, Ebony Lumumba, Rebecca Mark, Donnie McMahand, Kevin Murphy, Harriet Pollack, Christin Marie ...