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Art and Architecture

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The Paintings and Drawings of Clarence Major

In the first volume to collect the paintings and drawings of Clarence Major, readers are offered six decades of unique, colorful, and compelling canvases and works on paper—works of singular beauty ...

French Quarter Manual

By Malcolm Heard
Categories: History

In New Orleans, the French Quarter packs itself into a little grid of a colonial town behind the levee of the Mississippi River. Established in 1718, the town received its gridded plan from a French military ...

Exploring Southeastern Archaeology

Edited by Patricia K. Galloway & Evan Peacock
Foreword by Jeffrey P. Brain
Categories: History

Contributions by Keith A. Baca, Jeffrey P. Brain, Samuel O. Brookes, Ian W. Brown, Philip J. Carr, Jessica Crawford, Patricia Galloway, Alison M. Hadley, Christopher T. Hays, Edward R. Henry, Cliff Jenkins, ...

Sweet Spots

Edited by Teresa A. Toulouse & Barbara C. Ewell
Categories: History

Contributions by Carrie Bernhard, Scott Bernhard, Marilyn R. Brown, Richard Campanella, John P. Clark, Joel Dinerstein, Pableaux Johnson, John P. Klingman, Angel Adams Parham, Bruce Boyd Raeburn, Ruth ...

Riding with Death

On the southern end of the Grand Rue, a major thoroughfare that runs through the center of Port-au-Prince, waits the Haitian capital's automobile repair district. This veritable junkyard of steel and ...

Southern Splendor

Few things evoke thoughts and memories of the past more than a house from a bygone era, and few places are identified and symbolized more by historic dwellings than the American South. Plantation houses ...

New York State Folklife Reader

Edited by Elizabeth Tucker & Ellen E. McHale
Categories: Folklore

New York and its folklore scholars hold an important place in the history of the discipline. In New York dialogue between folklore researchers in the academy and those working in the public arena has ...

Picturing Mississippi, 1817-2017

Contributions by Elizabeth Abston, Betsy Bradley, LeRonn Brooks, Mimi Miller, Roger Ward, and Jochen Wierich

This anthology of essays is published in conjunction with the bicentennial of Mississippi statehood ...

Dancing with My Father

Leif Anderson's Dancing with My Father is both a loving tribute to her unusual and famous father, Mississippi artist Walter Anderson, and an honest look at the effects he has had upon her personal life ...

Curatorial Conversations

Since its origins in 1967, the Smithsonian Folklife Festival has gained worldwide recognition as a model for the research and public presentation of living cultural heritage and the advocacy of cultural ...