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Art and Architecture

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The Art of Nellie Mae Rowe

By Lee Kogan
Categories: Photography

For Nellie Mae Rowe (1900-1982) the old Southern world of shotgun houses, small churches, flowers, trees, and farm animals shined in her drawings, paintings, and sculpture. A self-taught artist from rural ...

A Spiritual Journey

Discovering the art of Eddie Lee Kendrick was, as Ruth Kaplan recalls, “like walking into another world.”

In 1977, Kaplan, an administrator at an elementary school in Little Rock, Arkansas, walked ...

Light of the Spirit

Gathering twenty-one widely known Southern artists from four Southern states, photographer Karekin Goekjian has captured the vital human connections between the creator and the object.

Working with moonlight, ...

King of the Western Saddle

The saddle has become an American icon. Wranglers rely on saddles every day, but discerning outsiders favor them for image enhancement and self-expression. Thus, saddles turn up in paintings, films, even ...

Vodou Things

Pierrot Barra and his wife Marie Cassaise are the most astonishing artists that the author of this fascinating book has encountered in more than a decade of researching Vodou in Haiti. He discovered them ...


By Walter Anderson
Categories: Literature

A magical story of a stray cat's transformation into a prodigy who performs at Carnegie Hall; includes block prints by the author

Lost Mansions of Mississippi

By Mary Carol Miller
Categories: History

Each year thousands of tourists flock to Mississippi to view the state's many architectural treasures, but few realize that these impressive homes are only the faint remnant of a phenomenal legacy. For ...

Ozark Country

This study of folklife in the Ozarks surveys one of America’s most fascinating regions and shows its distinctive cultural imprint. The living heritage of Ozark country is detailed here beside the history ...

Punk and Neo-Tribal Body Art

Punk body adornment, the most notorious, pervasive, and celebrated of rebellious youth cultural styles, emerged in the mid-1970s and persists to the present day in various updated forms.

This luminously ...