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African American Studies

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Conversations with Lenard D. Moore

Edited by John Zheng
Categories: Literature
Series: Literary Conversations Series

Known internationally for his Japanese-style poetry, Lenard D. Moore (b. 1958) has published eight poetry collections over the course of his career. Moore has distinguished himself especially in such ...

Soul of the Court

Legal legend Judge Louis F. Oberdorfer once stated that there were “only two people in the world who really understood the Constitution” and its impact on American lives. One was Hugo Black, deceased ...

Wichita Blues

In conversations on regional blues, the traditions of the Mississippi Delta, the Carolina Piedmont, Chicago, Houston, Memphis, New Orleans, and Los Angeles are frequently lauded. But until now, little ...

In Silence or Indifference

Librarians around the country are currently on a battleground, defending their right to purchase and circulate books dealing with issues of race and systemic racism. Despite this work, the library community ...

Dream and Legacy, Volume II

Contributions by Robert Adams Jr., Shenita Brazelton, Donathan L. Brown, Owen Brown Jr., LaTasha Chaffin, Michael L. Clemons, Daphne Cooper, William H. L. Dorsey, Bertis D. English, Precious D. Hall, ...

Seasons at Lakeside Dairy

Opened in 1907 in Shreveport, Louisiana, by Lizzetta LeFalle-Collins’s grandfather, Black dairy farmer Angus Bates, Lakeside Dairy was a rarity in the post-Reconstruction South. The dairy thrived despite ...

Rupturing Rhetoric

Contributions by Maksim Bugrov, Byron B Craig, Patricia G. Davis, Peter Ehrenhaus, Whitney Gent, Christopher Gilbert, Oscar Giner, J. Scott Jordan, Euni Kim, Melanie Loehwing, Jaclyn S. Olson, A. Susan ...

Faulkner, Welty, Wright

Contributions by Anita DeRouen, Susan V. Donaldson, Julia Eichelberger, W. Ralph Eubanks, Sarah Gilbreath Ford, Bernard T. Joy, John Wharton Lowe, Anne MacMaster, Rebecca Mark, Suzanne Marrs, Donnie McMahand, ...

Black Fire—This Time, Volume 1

Edited by Kim McMillon
Associate editor Kofi Antwi
Foreword by Ishmael Reed
Introduction by Margo Natalie Crawford
Categories: Literature

This anthology, nearly sixty years in the making, features over one hundred poets and writers on the theme of “Black is Beautiful, Black is Powerful, Black is Home.” Exploring the past, present, and ...

Black Fire—This Time, Volume 2

Edited by Derrick Harriell
Associate editor Kofi Antwi
Introduction by Mona Lisa Saloy
Categories: Literature

In this follow-up volume in the Black FireThis Time series, over seventy-five poets and writers come together on the ongoing theme of "Black is Beautiful, Black is Powerful, Black is Home." Works ranging ...