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Dream and Legacy, Volume II - Revisiting King in the Post-Civil Rights Era

Dream and Legacy, Volume II

Revisiting King in the Post-Civil Rights Era

Edited by Michael L. Clemons, Donathan L. Brown, and William H. L. Dorsey
Foreword by Robert Adams Jr.
Hardcover : 9781496852236, 454 pages, 3 b&w illustrations, August 2024
Paperback : 9781496852243, 454 pages, 3 b&w illustrations, August 2024
Expected to ship: 2024-08-15
Expected to ship: 2024-08-15

Table of contents

Robert Adams Jr.
Chapter 1. The King Framework
Michael L. Clemons
Revoking the Franchise
Chapter 2. Bludgeoning the Ballot: The Republican Campaign to Limit the Franchise, 2005 to 2019
Bertis D. English
Chapter 3. Voting Rights in a Post–Civil Rights Movement Era
Shenita Brazelton
Criminalizing Protest
Chapter 4. Martin Luther King Jr.’s American Legacy: Attempts to Criminalize the Civil Rights Movement and African Americans Living in “Postracial” America
Owen Brown Jr.
Violence and Police Repression
Chapter 5. King and the Case against Violence
Amardo Rodriguez
Chapter 6. Judged (and Executed) by the Color of Their Skin: Police Killings of Unarmed Black Citizens
Maruice Mangum and Randall Swain
Chapter 7. King’s Dream Deferred: Police Lies and Blue Lives
Donathan L. Brown
Poverty and Wage Discrimination
Chapter 8. Persistent Poverty in the African American Community: An Institutional Solution for an Institutional Creation
Precious D. Hall and Daphne Cooper
Chapter 9. From the War on Poverty to the War on the Poor: King’s Vision for Ending Poverty and Its Death
Ingrid P. Whitaker and Mark M. Whitaker
Chapter 10. #Gendergap: How Would MLK Respond to Wage Discrimination across the Public, Private, and Nonprofit Sectors?
LaTasha Chaffin
The Color of Healthcare
Chapter 11. The Color of Healthcare: Explaining Black Maternal Mortality in the United States
Natasha Altema McNeely
Chapter 12. Addressing Health Disparities in Vulnerable and Underserved Populations by Continuing Dr. King’s Legacy: Lessons Learned from Underprivileged Countries
Edward V. Wallace
Leadership and Role Modeling
Chapter 13. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.: Exemplar of Leadership for Black Absentee Fathers and Their Sons in the College Environment
Beverly A. Johnson
The Middle East Predicament
Chapter 14. The Decline of US Authenticity in the Middle East: Recognizing Jerusalem
Michael L. Clemons
Toward the Future
Chapter 15. HowDo We Go from Here? The Radical Humanism of Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
William H. L. Dorsey
Michael L. Clemons
About the Contributors

An examination of race and politics since 2020 through the lens of Martin Luther King's vision


Contributions by Robert Adams Jr., Shenita Brazelton, Donathan L. Brown, Owen Brown Jr., LaTasha Chaffin, Michael L. Clemons, Daphne Cooper, William H. L. Dorsey, Bertis D. English, Precious D. Hall, Beverly A. Johnson, Maruice Mangum, Natasha Altema McNeely, Amardo Rodriguez, Randall Swain, Edward V. Wallace, Ingrid P. Whitaker, and Mark M. Whitaker

Beginning early in his career, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. recognized the moral and humanitarian need to pursue social justice and equity for marginalized Americans, those for whom the American dream had proven to be an elusive ideal. In Dream and Legacy, Volume II: Revisiting King in the Post–Civil Rights Era, contributors sift through the historical record, engaging one of America’s most consequential, radical historical traditions.

Despite robust reform efforts since the 1930s, a wide range of policy-related challenges plague the lives of African Americans, other persons of color, women, and the poor in the twenty-first century. This anthology, like the first from coeditors Michael L. Clemons, Donathan L. Brown, and William H. L. Dorsey, applies the ideology and activism of Dr. King to its analysis of contemporary sociopolitical issues in the United States and abroad. The project begins with a foreword that situates the subsequent essays within the context of contemporary social developments. Grouped into themed sections, the essays cover such topics as voting rights, public protest, police brutality, poverty and wage discrimination, healthcare, and more. The epilogue concludes with a discussion of the timeless impact of Dr. King’s philosophy and activism, as well as the implications of his work for the future of domestic and global leadership. Dream and Legacy, Volume II identifies a variety of practical lessons that can help resolve contemporary social problems.


"In the many years that have passed since his assassination, we are still debating the legacy of Dr. King. Unfortunately, discrimination remains in America, and it disproportionately impacts poor people of color. The essays in Dream and Legacy, Volume II highlight the many discriminatory barriers that we continue to fight as a society."

- Sharon Wright Austin, professor in the Department of Political Science at the University of Florida