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Apostles of Light

Apostles of Light

By Ellen Douglas
Introduction by Elizabeth Spencer
Series: Banner Books

Paperback : 9780878057382, 307 pages, November 1994

A spellbinding novel named as a finalist for the National Book Award in 1973


The elderly couple in this fine novel, a retired schoolteacher and the doctor with whom she has had a lifelong, tender love affair, find that, almost by accident, they have forfeited control of their own lives. Trapped in a nursing home, they are the victims of the biblical “apostles of light,” the deceitful do-gooders who profess righteousness. In subtle, elegant prose Ellen Douglas recounts a gripping story of their brave attempt to free themselves from a dreadful plight. They must confront both their corrupt and evil custodians and their well-meaning younger relatives who are tempted by greed, ambition, cowardice, and indifference. Apostles of Light was a finalist for the National Book Award in 1973.