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A Lifetime Burning

A Lifetime Burning

By Ellen Douglas
Series: Banner Books

Paperback : 9781617036019, 224 pages, September 2012

A novel of passion denied and a woman’s enduring search for love and truth


So spontaneous is the writing in A Lifetime Burning, one might believe these are indeed words of a woman desperately trying to understand what has happened to her life, beginning with the fact that her husband has stopped sleeping with her.

Why? Is there a rival—perhaps “The Toad,” the unattractive housewife next door—or someone else, who will completely surprise the reader, as do many of the events of the protagonist's story? At age sixty-two, Corinne must grapple with the most painful truth that her lifelong passion—which is anyone's passion, to love and be loved, body and soul—could burn unquenched forever. Her imaginative narrative even when she is lying is as revealing as bedrock truth. A Lifetime Burning is as real as life itself—a novel shimmering and vital and recognizably true. Gripping, smart, suspenseful, and at times, wonderfully witty, Douglas's widely acclaimed book forms a searching and searing record of love, anger, confession, and discovery.