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The Snare

The Snare

By Elizabeth Spencer
Introduction by Peggy Whitman Prenshaw
Series: Banner Books

Paperback : 9781617036866, 432 pages, May 2012

The reprinting of a major southern writer’s New Orleans novel that explores a young woman’s temptation to live on the periphery of evil


It is well known that New Orleans has its dark underside as well as its glowing visible delights. The journey that Julia Garrett, an intelligent, attractive, but psychically driven girl, makes through the city's hidden labyrinth shapes the movement of this riveting novel. In crisscrossing the city from the secure world of home in the Garden District to the titillating world of the Vieux Carré, Julia risks physical and psychological peril. As she explores life on the other side, she becomes engulfed in the vortex of evil.

In The Snare, one of America's most highly acclaimed fiction writers explores the mystery of place and the mystifying duality of the human wish, with its desire for both dark and light. The book masterfully evokes the ineffable sense of excitement aroused by the sinister, exotic beauty of New Orleans and the men and women who inhabit its fecund streets.