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Cooking and Foodways

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The Catfish Book

What would the state of southern plate and palate be without this staple? What is his great appeal? What is his family tree? How do you hook him? And if so, how do you cook him? But first you have to ...

New Orleans Cuisine

Edited by Susan Tucker
Foreword by S. Frederick Starr
Categories: Louisiana

With contributions from Karen Leathem, Patricia Kennedy Livingston, Michael Mizell-Nelson, Cynthia LeJeune Nobles, Sharon Stallworth Nossiter, Sara Roahen, and Susan Tucker

New Orleans Cuisine: Fourteen ...

Garlic Capital of the World

By Pauline Adema
Categories: Folklore

According to Pauline Adema, you smell Gilroy, California, before you see it. In Garlic Capital of the World, the folklorist and culinary anthropologist examines the role of food and festivals in creating ...

You Are Where You Eat

By Elsa Hahne
Categories: Louisiana

Eating and cooking well are not just industries but ways of life for all New Orleans. Writer and photographer Elsa Hahne has visited the kitchens of thirty-three of New Orleans's home cooks and raconteurs ...

Louisiana Cookery

By Mary Land
Illustrated by Morris Henry Hobbs
Preface by Owen Brennan
Categories: Cooking And Foodways

Creole cuisine, Cajun cooking, and the sophisticated gumbo of New Orleans—can any state boast a fais-do-do in the kitchen like Louisiana's? Originally published in 1954, Louisiana Cookery is the classic ...

Secrets of a New Orleans Chef

By Greg Cowman
Foreword by Gene Bourg
Categories: Cooking And Foodways

These are among Tom Cowman's signature dishes: Trout Mousse, Roast Long Island Duck, Liver à l'Orange, Lamb Curry, Barbados Rum Trifle, and, la pièce de résistance, Cowman's Chocolate Cake. The recipes ...

Ozark Country

This study of folklife in the Ozarks surveys one of America’s most fascinating regions and shows its distinctive cultural imprint. The living heritage of Ozark country is detailed here beside the history ...

The Crab Lover's Book

Collected here with the author's family recipes are those from all parts of America, as well as from Europe, Asia, Central America, and the Caribbean. Among these are delicious appetizers, tasty soups ...

Southern Cooking to Remember

Southern food is as delightful and as varied as the region from which it comes - shrimp gumbo simmered in kitchens along the gulf Coast, roast venison from Alabama's piney woods, wild ducks from Georgia's ...

The Crawfish Book

By Glen Pitre
Categories: Folklore

American Indians worshiped them as creators of the world, Napoleon ate them to celebrate his victories, Swedes have them shipped in from halfway around the world, and for Louisiana's Cajuns the humble ...