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Caribbean Studies

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Reggae Wisdom

Bob Marley, Jimmy Cliff, Peter Tosh, the Itals, the Ethiopians—they all dropped dazzling proverbs into their best-known reggae tunes.

“What come bad in the morning, can't come good in the evening. ...

Vodou Things

Pierrot Barra and his wife Marie Cassaise are the most astonishing artists that the author of this fascinating book has encountered in more than a decade of researching Vodou in Haiti. He discovered them ...


By Erna Brodber
Categories: Literature

This is the first American publication of Brodber's eagerly awaited third novel. In Louisiana: A Novel she explores her continuing fascination with the power of the past to live in the present.

Here, ...

Minty Alley

By C. L. R. James
Categories: Literature

First published in London in 1939, Minty Alley is now available to American readers. In the pages of this work, C. L. R. James is both an imaginative political theorist and a sensitive commentator on the ...

Dark Princess

By W. E. B. Du Bois
Introduction by Claudia Tate
Categories: African American Studies
Series: Banner Books

The problem of “the color line,” W. E. B. Du Bois’s ever-present polemical theme, is at the core of this novel of sensual love, radical politics, and the quest for racial justice. Originally published ...