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African American Studies

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To Make a New Race

Jean Toomer's adamant stance against racism and his call for a raceless society were far more complex than the average reader of works from the Harlem Renaissance might believe. In To Make a New Race ...

Slavery, Propaganda, and the American Revolution

Under the leadership of Samuel Adams, patriot propagandists deliberately and conscientiously kept the issue of slavery off the agenda as goals for freedom were set for the American Revolution.

By comparing ...

The Pursuit of a Dream

Winner of the Robert F. Kennedy Book Award, the McLemore Prize of the Mississippi Historical Society, and the Silver Medal of the Commonwealth Club of California

Originally published in 1981, this fascinating ...

The Cry Was Unity

The Communist Party was the only political movement on the left in the late 1920s and 1930s to place racial justice and equality at the top of its agenda and to seek, and ultimately win, sympathy among ...

A Spiritual Journey

Discovering the art of Eddie Lee Kendrick was, as Ruth Kaplan recalls, “like walking into another world.”

In 1977, Kaplan, an administrator at an elementary school in Little Rock, Arkansas, walked ...

The Jim Dilemma

Especially in academia, controversy rages over the merits or evils of Mark Twain's Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, in particular its portrayal of Jim, the runaway slave. Opponents disrupt classes and ...

The Color of Jazz

Although now sometimes called “America's classical music,” jazz has not always been accorded favorable appellations. Accurate though these encomiums may be, they obscure the complex and fractious ...


By Erna Brodber
Categories: Literature

This is the first American publication of Brodber's eagerly awaited third novel. In Louisiana: A Novel she explores her continuing fascination with the power of the past to live in the present.

Here, ...

Roosevelt's Blues

Association of Recorded Sound Collections Awards for Excellence
Recorded Gospel Music (1998)

In Roosevelt's Blues, Guido van Rijn documents more than a hundred blues and gospel lyrics that contain direct ...