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A Serigamy of Stories

A Serigamy of Stories

By Kathryn Tucker Windham
Paperback : 9781578062560, 160 pages, December 1999
Hardcover : 9780878053544, 160 pages, May 1988
Hardcover - Unavailable

Appealing reminiscences of small-town life by one of the South’s most enchanting oral storytellers


In this memoir, a child's recollections of her family and warm home life are lovingly preserved in a front-porch ambience. Windham, who frequently participates in oral storytelling sessions around the country, grew up in a small Alabama town in the early part of this century. She was surrounded by offbeat adults in those years, among them a doughty aunt, who was the town's formidable postmistress, and a circuit-riding Baptist-preacher grandfather. They were fodder for legends within the family, as well as story-creators themselves. As Windham weaves her memories there are digressions into tales that mark the castes of a bygone South, tales that move in slow cadence and bring to life a family that accommodated all members in their entertaining oddities. The word “serigamy” is, according to the author, a family coinage, used through the generations to indicate “a goodly number,” and the word aptly applies as well to this charming retrospective.