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Latinx and Latin American Studies

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The Circle of Guilt

By Fredric Wertham
Introduction by William Bush
Categories: Popular Culture

In 1955 a New York City court sentenced Puerto Rican immigrant and teenage gang member Frank Santana to twenty-five years to life for second-degree murder. Fredric Wertham (1895–1981), one of the most ...

Tim Hector

By Paul Buhle
Categories: History

Tim Hector (1942–2002) played many roles—political philosopher, educator, literary and music critic, cricket administrator, political leader, and newspaper editor. Best known for his editorship of ...

Empire and Slavery in American Literature, 1820-1865

By Eric J. Sundquist
Categories: Literature

The flourishing of pre-Civil War literature known as the American Renaissance occurred in a volatile context of national expansion and sectional strife. Canonical writers such as Herman Melville, Walt ...

Jorge Luis Borges

Jorge Luis Borges (1899–1986), one of the indisputably great writers of the twentieth century, was born in Buenos Aires. Never having been awarded the Nobel Prize, which his readers worldwide believed ...

Interviews with Writers of the Post-Colonial World

This book of interviews conducted by Jussawalla and Dasenbrock is the first to feature third-world authors discussing their works and their careers. These are joined by three Chicano writers from the ...