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African American Literature

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By Erna Brodber
Categories: Literature

This is the first American publication of Brodber's eagerly awaited third novel. In Louisiana: A Novel she explores her continuing fascination with the power of the past to live in the present.

Here, ...

Dangerous Freedom

The novels of Toni Morrison depict a disjointed culture striving to coalesce in a racialized society. No other contemporary writer conveys this “double consciousness” of African American life so faithfully. ...

Conversations with Derek Walcott

Edited by William Baer
Categories: Literature
Series: Literary Conversations Series

When Derek Walcott was awarded the Nobel Prize, he was cited for "a poetic oeuvre of great luminosity, sustained by a historical vision, the outcome of a multicultural commitment." The lively interviews ...

Conversations with Ernest Gaines

The winner in 1994 of the National Book Critics Circle Award for A Lesson Before Dying, Gaines, whose career spans more than thirty-five years, continues to receive increasing critical and popular attention. ...

Dark Princess

By W. E. B. Du Bois
Introduction by Claudia Tate
Categories: African American Studies
Series: Banner Books

The problem of “the color line,” W. E. B. Du Bois’s ever-present polemical theme, is at the core of this novel of sensual love, radical politics, and the quest for racial justice. Originally published ...

Conversations with Amiri Baraka

This collection of interviews with Amiri Baraka, the former LeRoi Jones and a key figure in the worldwide black liberation movement, provides extraordinary insight not only into African American literature ...

Conversations with Toni Morrison

Without apology Nobel Prize author Toni Morrison describes herself as an African American woman writer. These collected interviews reveal her to be much more. She has shared space in her creative life ...

Conversations with Nikki Giovanni

Out of this collection of twenty-two interviews spanning two decades rises the distinctive voice of “the princess of black poetry. ” Nikki Giovanni entered the literary world at the height of the ...

Mother Wit from the Laughing Barrel

Edited by Alan Dundes
Categories: African American Studies

Exploring the scope, diversity, and vitality of black culture, here is a fascinating collection of more than sixty articles from some of the most perceptive and authoritative commentators upon the black ...