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African American Literature

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Black Saturation

Committed to developing frameworks for defining and evaluating Black poetry, literary scholar Stephen E. Henderson (1925–1997) examined the question: What makes a poem Black? In his critical approach, ...

Conversations with Lenard D. Moore

Edited by John Zheng
Categories: Literature
Series: Literary Conversations Series

Known internationally for his Japanese-style poetry, Lenard D. Moore (b. 1958) has published eight poetry collections over the course of his career. Moore has distinguished himself especially in such ...

Faulkner, Welty, Wright

Contributions by Anita DeRouen, Susan V. Donaldson, Julia Eichelberger, W. Ralph Eubanks, Sarah Gilbreath Ford, Bernard T. Joy, John Wharton Lowe, Anne MacMaster, Rebecca Mark, Suzanne Marrs, Donnie McMahand, ...

Black Fire—This Time, Volume 1

Edited by Kim McMillon
Associate editor Kofi Antwi
Foreword by Ishmael Reed
Introduction by Margo Natalie Crawford
Categories: Literature

This anthology, nearly sixty years in the making, features over one hundred poets and writers on the theme of “Black is Beautiful, Black is Powerful, Black is Home.” Exploring the past, present, and ...

Black Fire—This Time, Volume 2

Edited by Derrick Harriell
Associate editor Kofi Antwi
Introduction by Mona Lisa Saloy
Categories: Literature

In this follow-up volume in the Black FireThis Time series, over seventy-five poets and writers come together on the ongoing theme of "Black is Beautiful, Black is Powerful, Black is Home." Works ranging ...

Maverick Feminist

Beginning with their forced introduction to American soil, Black women have relied on maverick-like characteristics to survive. And yet, these liberating qualities have been repeatedly disparaged by the ...

Black Hibiscus

Contributions by Simone A. James Alexander, José Felipe Alvergue, Valerie Babb, Pamela Bordelon, Taylor Hagood, Joyce Marie Jackson, Delia Malia Konzett, Jane Landers, John Wharton Lowe, Gary Monroe, ...

See Justice Done

In See Justice Done: The Problem of Law in the African American Literary Tradition, author Christopher Michael Brown argues that African American literature has profound and deliberate legal roots. Tracing ...

Tending to the Past

In many popular depictions of Black resistance to slavery, stereotypes around victimization and the heroic efforts of a small number of individuals abound. These ideas ignore the powers of ordinary families ...

Intersecting Aesthetics

Contributions by Cynthia Baron, Elizabeth Binggeli, Kimberly Nichele Brown, Priscilla Layne, Eric Pierson, Charlene Regester, Ellen C. Scott, Tanya L. Shields, and Judith E. Smith

Intersecting Aesthetics: ...