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Faulkner and Psychology

Characteristically, William Faulkner minimized his familiarity with the theories of psychology that were current during the years of his apprenticeship as a writer, especially those of Freud. Yet, Faulkner’s ...

Conversations with Amiri Baraka

This collection of interviews with Amiri Baraka, the former LeRoi Jones and a key figure in the worldwide black liberation movement, provides extraordinary insight not only into African American literature ...

Conversations with Toni Morrison

Without apology Nobel Prize author Toni Morrison describes herself as an African American woman writer. These collected interviews reveal her to be much more. She has shared space in her creative life ...

Eudora Welty

By Noel Polk
Categories: Literature

This full-dress bibliography of the works of one of America’s greatest writers contains essential information for all serious scholars of Eudora Welty and her long and distinguished career.

It is a complete ...

The Christ-Haunted Landscape

By Susan Ketchin
Categories: Literature

Here are Susan Ketchin's discerning interviews with twelve southerners living and writing in the South, and along with a piece of fiction by each are her penetrating commentaries about the impact of southern ...

Conversations with Louise Erdrich and Michael Dorris

Louise Erdrich and Michael Dorris, the most prominent writers of Native American descent, collaborate on all their works. In these interviews, conducted both separately and jointly, they discuss how their ...

Conversations with Paul Bowles

For the past forty years, Paul Bowles has answered questions about the autobiographical references in his novels (The Sheltering Sky, Let It Come Down, The Spider's House, and Up Above the World) and ...

Conversations with Richard Wright

For more than two decades, Richard Wright was interviewed by the American and foreign press, first as the author of Uncle Tom's Children (1938), Native Son (1940), and Black Boy (1945), next as a famous ...

The Shoe Bird

By Eudora Welty
Illustrated by Beth Krush
Categories: Literature

When Arturo the Parrot, whose job it was to help greet people as they came into The Friendly Shoe Store, picked up and repeated a small boy's disgruntled comment, “Shoes are for the birds!,” it certainly ...