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Down on the Batture

By Oliver A. Houck
Categories: Louisiana

The lower Mississippi River winds past the city of New Orleans between enormous levees and a rim of sand, mud, and trees called “the batture.” On this remote and ignored piece of land thrives a humanity ...

Working the Field

Working the Field: Accounts from French Louisiana records reflections on the fieldwork conducted in French Louisiana by a group of anthropologists and folklorists from Louisiana, the United States, Canada, ...

Garlic Capital of the World

By Pauline Adema
Categories: Folklore

According to Pauline Adema, you smell Gilroy, California, before you see it. In Garlic Capital of the World, the folklorist and culinary anthropologist examines the role of food and festivals in creating ...


Deadhouse: Life in a Coroner's Office chronicles the exploits of a diverse team of investigators at a coroner's office in Pittsburgh. Ed Strimlan is a doctor who never got to practice medicine. Instead ...

Aliens, Ghosts, and Cults

By Bill Ellis
Categories: Folklore

In late May, a Pennsylvania high school hums with the rumor that a Satanic cult plans on killing the first four couples through the door on prom night.

A horror writer in the Catskills is overcome with ...

A Spiral Way

Association of Recorded Sound Collections Awards for Excellence
Best Research in the General History of Recorded Sound (2000)

The invention of the cylinder phonograph at the end of the nineteenth century ...

South Florida Folklife

South Florida summons tropical vacationland images—gleaming beaches, exotic foods, colorful costumes, and grand hotels. Yet beyond this facade teems a rich folklife that is the subject of this alluring ...

Cajun Foodways

By C. Paige Gutierrez
Foreword by Barry Jean Ancelet
Categories: Folklore

Cajun food has become a popular "ethnic" food throughout America during the last decade. This fascinating book explores the significance of Cajun cookery on its home turf in south Louisiana, a region ...