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Art and Architecture

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Jean Seidenberg

By Jean Seidenberg
Foreword by Michael Sartisky
Categories: Louisiana

Born in 1930 in a working-class Brooklyn family, Jean Seidenberg quickly made art his livelihood. As a teenager, he worked in galleries and learned framing and the craft of silkscreen printing. Through ...


By Frank Edgar Everett
Categories: History

This is the story of a house, “Brierfield,” and incidentally of a man, Jefferson Davis, and his family. The author traces the story of “Brierfield” from its construction in the antebellum period ...

Lost Plantations of the South

By Marc R. Matrana
Categories: History

The great majority of the South's plantation homes have been destroyed over time, and many have long been forgotten. In Lost Plantations of the South, Marc R. Matrana weaves together photographs, diaries ...

Dark Laughter

It was none other than Langston Hughes who called Oliver Wendell Harrington America's greatest black cartoonist.

Yet largely because he chose to live as an expatriate far from the American mainstream, ...

Afro-American Folk Art and Crafts

This omnibus volume offers a unique look at a fascinating and evocative strain of art that originated chiefly in the rural American South and in the black cultural centers as blacks migrated across the ...

The Heritage of Longwood

Longwood in Natchez, Mississippi, is a celebration of American eccentricity. Dr. Haller Nutt, who made a fortune in cotton during the pre-Civil War boom, wanted a home that would be different, one with ...

It Happened by Design

Introduction by J. Richard Gruber
Categories: History

In 1947, a time in which few New Orleans-based architects were designing modern architecture, Arthur Q. Davis (b. 1920) and his partner Nathaniel C. Curtis established their practice in the city. The ...

On the Wall

Energizing the visual landscape since 1968, New York City's community murals beautify, educate, protest, celebrate, and often motivate residents to action. Collaborations between artists and neighborhood ...

Crafted Lives

In Crafted Lives: Stories and Studies of African American Quilters Patricia A. Turner explores the culture and recent history of African Americans through the creations and wisdom of nine quilters. Turner ...


Richmond Barthé (1901–1989) was the first modern African American sculptor to achieve real critical success. His accessible naturalism led to unprecedented celebrity for an artist during the 1930s ...