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We Saw Lincoln Shot - One Hundred Eyewitness Accounts

We Saw Lincoln Shot

One Hundred Eyewitness Accounts

By Timothy S. Good
Paperback : 9780878057795, 256 pages, February 1996

Collected for the first time, actual eyewitness reports of the Lincoln assassination


On the evening of April 14,1865, when President Abraham Lincoln was assassinated in Ford's Theatre, an entire audience was witness to the tragedy. From diaries, letters, depositions, affidavits, and periodicals, here is a collection of accounts from a variety of theatergoers—who by chance saw one of the truly pivotal events in US history. Providing minute firsthand details recorded over a span of ninety years, We Saw Lincoln Shot explores a subject that will forever be debated. With a sharp focus upon the circumstances reported by one hundred actual witnesses, We Saw Lincoln Shot provides vivid documentation of a momentous evening and exposes errors that have been perpetuated as the assassination has been rendered into written histories.