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The New Orleans Garden - Gardening in the Gulf South

The New Orleans Garden

Gardening in the Gulf South

By Charlotte Seidenberg
Foreword by S. Frederick Starr
Paperback : 9780878056378, 528 pages, April 1993

A comprehensive guide to creating your own New Orleans garden


Among America's garden cities, one of the most remarkably beautiful is New Orleans. Now the exotic New Orleans garden can live not only in romance but also in settings very close to home. Whether in the Vieux Carré or in the humid hinterlands, anyone hoping to recreate such a romantic spot in the climes of the Gulf Coast region should consult Charlotte Seidenberg's essential handbook.

In this new edition of a favorite manual among New Orleans gardeners, Seidenberg instructs how to create a beautiful garden in this subtropical, sometimes richly alluvial zone and identifies plants that over generations have become a part of the gardening heritage of New Orleans. She discusses such basics as soil preparation and pest control and advises the gardener on how to grow roses, native and exotic trees and shrubs, vines, annuals, perennials, ferns, wildflowers, bulbous and tuberous plants, and groundcovers. She instructs how best to create specialty gardens such as container gardens and herb gardens. Like many other gardeners today, she is ecology-conscious, strongly advocating that one should garden not only for beauty but also for attracting wildlife.


"A must-have book for anyone gardening in the rich, quirky soil and climate in and around the Crescent City region"

- Lee Bailey

"A much-needed compendium of plants for the entire Gulf Coast and a welcome handbook for the Coastal gardener"

- Pat Ryan, horticulturist, Bellingrath Gardens

"Rare jewels of information for the cottage gardeners of the lower South and a trusty reference for my own research"

- Felder Rushing, author of Gardening Southern Style