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The Capers Papers

The Capers Papers

By Charlotte Capers
Foreword by Eudora Welty
Series: Muscadine Books Series

Paperback : 9780878056019, 122 pages, October 1992

Essays that offer a pleasurable jaunt through the irrepressibly funny world of a gifted raconteur


At last it's available again, and in paperback, the book that Charlotte Capers' hosts of readers have been urging back into print. One of Mississippi's most fascinating personalities and one of its absolutely best raconteurs, Capers can hold any reader or listener enthralled with her witty, delicious narratives. Here she focuses upon whatever seized her insights—mainly life in its ordinary gait—yet her reports of the smalltown scene are as alluring as the tales of Shaharazade.

These delightful essays, as Eudora Welty says in the foreword, “were written to amuse, and they abundantly do so.”