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Part of the Magic - A Collection of Disney-Inspired Brushes with Greatness

Part of the Magic

A Collection of Disney-Inspired Brushes with Greatness

By Bambi Moé
Hardcover : 9781496844231, 128 pages, 71 b&w illustrations, June 2023

A behind-the-scenes history of Disney's greatest creative legends as told by an industry insider


Part of the Magic: A Collection of Disney-Inspired Brushes with Greatness is a book of remarkable and wildly entertaining anecdotal stories told through the lens of an entertainment industry insider. Author Bambi Moé enjoyed a twenty-year career at The Walt Disney Company in charge of all aspects of music for Walt Disney Television Animation. Her name, vocation, and background gave her exceptional access to pop culture and entertainment giants. The book takes readers on a nonstop ride and keeps them riveted throughout extremely candid encounters shared here for the first time.

Moé’s fascinating true stories provide a rare insight into the creative process associated with music in animation and give readers a historical reference to The Walt Disney Company’s burgeoning direct-to-video empire. Her career exemplifies the rewards often associated with hard work, perseverance, integrity, and the ability to recognize potential in others. Often the only woman in a male-dominated work environment, Moé’s success will inspire young readers interested in pursuing a career in entertainment.

Part of the Magic invites readers to consider their own stories and recognize their own universality. Like a photo that captures life’s moments and teaches us lessons, each of Moé’s brushes with greatness serves as a reminder that we are all connected by reason of our own humanity. Her joy extends far beyond the original encounter and multiplies in the retelling of these stories.


"Part of the Magic is a one-of-a-kind self-portrait of a woman whose dedication to bringing talented artists together resulted in game-changing, landmark works that stand the test of time. Never-before-heard insights abound, answering those two most tantalizing insider questions: ‘What was it like to create this?’ and the ever-compelling, ‘What were they like?’"

- Greg Ehrbar, entertainment writer, commentator, and coauthor of Mouse Tracks: The Story of Walt Disney Records

"I first encountered Bambi Moé as an intriguing voice in my ear during a recording session in which we were 3000 miles apart—she in LA and I in NY. We instantly laughed and bonded, all while making music, and I knew I had just met a friend for life. I’m thrilled that readers will now get to experience that same captivating voice and in turn meet the glory, talent, and enormous heart that is Bambi Moé. What makes Part of the Magic so marvelous is that despite Bambi’s decades in an industry that is decidedly cynical, she has never lost her sense of wonder. She has been deservedly front and center, making her own indelible mark in the worlds of music, animation, film, and television during an era of unparalleled change. Her candid recollections of some of Hollywood’s greatest luminaries are the stuff of legends. Part of the Magic makes you feel as if you are traveling hand in hand with your very own Disney heroine bestie—and the adventure is a thrill."

- Susan Egan, Broadway and animation actress and producer

"I first met Bambi while working on The Lion King II. From the start of our conversations about the sequel to our early morning video shoots, she was kind, supportive, encouraging, and always smiling while competently leading us to do the best work we could for the project. I’m so grateful for her, her lasting friendship, her role in our industry, and her place in our world. The most beautiful thing about Part of the Magic is that it is a labor of love, a testimony of Bambi’s passion for her work. In the end, we’ll all say that WE were the ones who had the fortunate brush with greatness, the greatness of Bambi Moé."

- Heather Headley, Tony and Grammy Award–winning performer

"Part of the Magic reveals the lovely, talented people whose collaborations made the music behind some of Disney Studios’ great film projects. Bambi Moé reminds readers of the relationships, the research, and the hard work that go into producing successful results. And what a pleasure it is to share in the highlights of her career as a Disney Music executive. Disney Studios was lucky to have her, and readers are lucky to share in these stories."

- Shannon Farnon, the original voice of Wonder Woman

"A quick, engaging read that's perfect for anyone who loves Disney or '90s pop culture or who wants an inside look at the music and film industry from a singular perspective."

- Library Journal