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Gettysburg - Sentinels of Stone


Sentinels of Stone

By Timothy T. Isbell
Hardcover : 9781578068395, 168 pages, 85 color photographs, April 2006

Photographs and text that capture the battles, landscapes, history, and memories of the Civil War


Searching for an ultimate victory to end the Civil War, Robert E. Lee and his Army of Northern Virginia fought for three days on the battlefield at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. On July 4, 1863, the Confederate cause was lost, and Lee’s army retreated. Union and Confederate forces suffered more than 51,000 casualties. The surrounding meadows and ridges would forever after be considered hallowed ground. This book commemorates the sacrifices made and the pastoral beauty that was witness to such violence.

In Gettysburg: Sentinels of Stone, the battlefield’s panoramas are brought to life in beautiful photographs. Accompanying the photographs are stories of the soldiers who fought and citizens who witnessed this pivotal battle. These stories serve to bring special meaning to the photographs of statues, monuments, and terrain.

This photography book features new monuments added to the park in the last five years, including the Elizabeth Thorn monument and the 11th Mississippi monument, which owns the distinction of being the final monument allowed on the Gettysburg battlefield. With its eighty-five full-color photographs and chronicle of events, Gettysburg: Sentinels of Stone offers the perfect keepsake for park visitors and anyone wanting a photographic record of Gettysburg’s scenery. In words and pictures, it recalls one of the most significant battles ever waged on American soil.


Timothy T. Isbell’s photographs of statues and monuments in beautiful light make them come alive, perhaps more than if one were to see them in person. . . . The author creates a superb photographic record of these important national parks. Rarely can someone photograph a work of art and render its full meaning and beauty. Timothy T. Isbell does just that.

- Reba J. McMellon, Mississippi Press

[Isbell’s] descriptions, accompanied by unforgettable full-color photographs, rustle up palpable glimpses into history while showing how our modern-day landscape is still scarred by the gruesome events of 1863.

- Jennifer Barnes Moffett, Mississippi Magazine

Gettysburg: Sentinels of Stone is a work of art. Tim Isbell’s photographs are simply breathtaking and capture the beauty of the hallowed ground of Gettysburg as few have before.

- D. Scott Hartwig, historian, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania