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Fish and Wildlife Management - A Handbook for Mississippi Landowners

Fish and Wildlife Management

A Handbook for Mississippi Landowners

Edited by Adam T. Rohnke & James L. Cummins
Hardcover : 9781628460278, 592 pages, 420 b&w and color photographs; 80 line illustrations; 40 tables, July 2014

A comprehensive guide to encouraging fish and wildlife conservation, land management, and maximum enjoyment of resources


Featuring over five hundred illustrations and forty tables, this book is a collection of in-depth discussions by a tremendous range of experts on topics related to wildlife and fisheries management in Mississippi. Beginning with foundational chapters on natural resource history and conservation planning, the authors discuss the delicate balance between profit and land stewardship. A series of chapters about the various habitat types and the associated fish and wildlife populations that dominate them follow.

Several chapters expand on the natural history and specific management techniques of popular species of wildlife, including white-tailed deer, eastern wild turkey, and other species. Experts discuss such special management topics as supplemental, wildlife-food planting, farm pond management, backyard habitat, nuisance animal control, and invasive plant species control.

Leading professionals who work every day in Mississippi with landowners on wildlife and fisheries management created this indispensable book. The up-to-date and applicable management techniques discussed here can be employed by private landowners throughout the state. For those who do not own rural lands but have an interest in wildlife and natural resources, this book also has much to offer. Residents of urban communities interested in creating a wildlife-friendly yard will delight in the backyard habitat chapter specifically written for them. Whether responsible for one-fourth of an acre or two thousand, landowners will find this handbook to be an incalculable aid on their journey to good stewardship of their Mississippi lands.


"This is the sort of book that must be in every hunting and fishing camp in Mississippi. It is the sort of book that needs to be on the coffee table or lamp table in every den and living room, at hand when the fires are low and the thoughts are deep. "

- Donald C. Jackson, The Clarion Ledger