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A Republican's Lament - Mississippi Needs Good Government Conservatives

A Republican's Lament

Mississippi Needs Good Government Conservatives

By Bill Crawford
Foreword by Lloyd Gray & C.D. Smith
Hardcover : 9781496854421, 192 pages, October 2024
Expected to ship: 2024-10-15

Table of contents

Chapter One. Good Government
Chapter Two. Splotchy Patterns of Shadow and Light
Chapter Three. Higher Education
Chapter Four. Other Impacts from Behavioral Shadows and Political Insanity
Chapter Five. How to Solve Mississippi’s Complex Dilemmas
Chapter Six. A Lingering Hope and a Prayer
Source Notes

A political writer’s compelling mix of history, political analysis, and personal angst


Bill Crawford thought his modern-day Republican Party would lift Mississippi off the bottom, a notion born of Gil Carmichael’s vision for good government conservatism. A Republican’s Lament tells of Crawford’s dedicated efforts to implement Carmichael’s vision, his keen observations of Mississippi’s struggles, and his critical commentaries over the past half century.

For more than fifty years, few people have had a better view or a wider variety of roles in the ups and downs of Mississippi and its communities than Crawford. The Canton native has been a daily newspaper reporter, a crusading small-town weekly editor, a Republican Party leader, a reform-minded Republican state representative, an influential Institutions of Higher Learning board trustee, a successful banker, a community college administrator, a state economic development official, a community development leader and nonprofit founder, a mentor of developing community leaders, and a syndicated political columnist.

From Gil Carmichael's vision for good government and Haley Barbour’s pragmatic conservatism to starve the beast and truth management politics, poverty and the Cycle of Prosperity, Faulkner’s curse and other behavioral shadows, the Ayers case, and more, Crawford weaves a unique and eventful story about his home state’s enduring dilemmas and a clarion call for its better possibilities.