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Deeper Currents - The Sacraments of Hunting and Fishing

Deeper Currents

The Sacraments of Hunting and Fishing

By Donald C. Jackson
Hardcover : 9781496805300, 244 pages, February 2016

A spirited exploration of the blessings manifest in all wild places


In Deeper Currents, Donald C. Jackson guides us on a journey into the cathedrals of wild and lonely places, those sacred spaces where hunters and fishers connect with the rhythms of the earth and the spirit that resonates within us. Jackson explores hunting and fishing as frameworks—sacraments—for discovering, engaging, and finding meaning. He invites readers to consider connections with wilder realms of being.

Hunting squirrels on an autumn morning, probing the woods, rifle in hand, Jackson reveals an attention to nature too often neglected. Following a bird dog into the damp and mysterious places where woodcock settle on their southbound migrations; chasing hounds on the trail of raccoons on a frosty winter night; stalking deer in a quiet corner of a small farm; fishing for carp in a creek, bass and bluegill in ponds, catfish in a murky river, and reef fish in the Gulf, Jackson reminds that we are stewards of not only resources but also a past that defines us as hunters and fishers. We must pass this legacy along to the generations that follow.

In Deeper Currents, tractors and old barns find a place in the reader's heart. Boats and canoes navigate realms of danger and dreams. Jackson shares outdoor pilgrimages with good friends in cabins, tents, camps, and old trailers tucked beyond the reach of a rushing world. He rejoices in the whisper of stiff wings as ducks come to decoys, the call of geese and cranes over tidal flats, the hush before a storm, the muffled snap of a twig at twilight, a drop of dew falling on the surface of a pond, and the clicking of caribou hooves on an Alaskan gravel bar. Jackson finds these natural moments fill us with energy. They remind us that we are taking part in a sacred heritage and that creation is unfolding all around us.


"This is a wonderful book when you are feeling nostalgic or when you need to be reminded of the simpler, yet more meaningful things in life—a book you will want to read over and over again and hand down to your children and grandchildren. "

- Wildlife Mississippi, Fall 2016

"Don Jackson's love of all things natural and wild comes through in every sentence that he puts to paper. The reader feels his excitement as a child while hunting, fishing, and exploring and then senses his appreciation for the subtle rhythms of our natural world as an older and wiser woods rambler. In each chapter, a person can't help but feel they are on these journeys alongside him as he opens our eyes to an unseen natural world that we actually see every day. "

- Brad Young, executive director, Mississippi Wildlife Federation