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Conversations with Michael McClure

Conversations with Michael McClure

Edited by David Stephen Calonne
Series: Literary Conversations Series

Hardcover : 9781496851994, 238 pages, June 2024
Paperback : 9781496852007, 238 pages, June 2024

Table of contents

Six San Francisco Poets: Snyder, Whalen,Michael McClure, Meltzer, Ferlinghetti, Antoninus
David Kherdian / 1969
Gahr, Groooor, Grayohh: For a Meat Poetry—An Interview with Michael McClure
Roland Husson / 1973
Michael McClure Interview
David Rollison / 1976
An Interview with Michael McClure
Stephen Vincent / 1977
A Conversation with Michael McClure
Kevin Power / 1978
Interview with Michael McClure
Inger Thorup Lauridsen and Per Dalgard / 1983
Poetry Wars: An Interview with Michael McClure
Barry Miles / 1986
An Interview with Michael McClure
S. E. Gontarski / 1990
An Interview with Michael McClure
Steve Luttrell / 1994
Craft Interview with Michael McClure
New York Quarterly / 1995
“What Are Souls?”: An Interview with Michael McClure
Jack Foley / 2001
Realm Buster: Stan Brakhage
Steve Anker / 2001
Artists on the Cutting Edge: Michael McClure Delivers a Passion for Poetry
George Varga / 2001
Interview with Michael McClure
Sergio Cohn / 2004
A Fierce God and a Fierce War: An Interview with Michael McClure
Rod Phillips / 2007
Beat Poet Michael McClure on Jim Morrison, the Doors, Allen Ginsberg, and Jack Kerouac
Anis Shivani / 2011
Interview with Poet Michael McClure
Jonah Raskin / 2013
Break on Through
Garrett Caples / 2013
Poetry Questions: Michael McClure
Rebecca Foresman / 2013
Beat Poet Michael McClure Tries New Style at Eighty-Three
Sam Whiting / 2015

Over forty years of interviews revealing the many contributions of this central personality in the evolution of the American counterculture


Conversations with Michael McClure features twenty interviews from 1969 to 2015 that chronicle the capacious scope of McClure’s creativity. McClure (1932–2020) is notable not only for his considerable achievements as a poet and prose writer of the Beat Generation, but also for the many collaborative connections he forged over seven decades. From the 1950s to his death, McClure worked with an astonishing range of important figures in the worlds of painting, filmmaking, music, and science. McClure counted among his friends and acquaintances Bruce Conner, Harold Pinter, Amiri Baraka, Richard Brautigan, Wallace Berman, George Herms, Lawrence Jordan, Dennis Hopper, Bob Dylan, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, Ray Manzarek, Sterling Bunnell, Francis Crick, Gary Snyder, Francesco Clemente, and Diane di Prima.

During his early years in San Francisco, McClure attended Kenneth Rexroth’s literary evenings and formed significant lifelong friendships. Among those friends were poets Philip Lamantia and Robert Duncan, who became a mentor to McClure. He also learned much from Charles Olson and adopted several features of Olson’s concept of “Projective Verse” in his own work. McClure’s exchange of letters with experimental filmmaker Stan Brakhage lasted for four decades. During his illustrious career, McClure published fourteen books of poetry, eight books of plays, and four collections of essays. Conversations with Michael McClure reveals the many contributions of this central personality in the evolution of the American counterculture.