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Whiteness Studies

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Whiteness in the Novels of Charles W. Chesnutt

By Matthew Wilson
Categories: Literature

Charles W. Chesnutt (1858–1932), critically acclaimed for his novels, short stories, and essays, was one of the most ambitious and influential African American writers of the late nineteenth and early ...

Whitewashing America

Even before mass marketing, American consumers bought products that gentrified their households and broadcast their sense of "the good things in life. "

Bridging literary scholarship, archaeology, history, ...

Black and White

With essays and commentaries by Sylvia R. Frey, Elliott J. Gorn, Robert L. Hall, Charles Joyner, Lawrence T. McDonnell, Bill C. Malone, Leslie Howard Owens, Mechal Sobel, Brenda Stevenson, and John Michael ...

The Fugitive Race

Denying its formative dialogues with minorities, the white race, Stephen P. Knadler contends, has been a fugitive race. While the "white question," like the "Negro question," and the "woman question" ...

Nitty Gritty

A controversial journalist's experiences while working as editor for African American publications in Chicago.